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Journals ranking for ERA

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An important part of the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) initiative is a ranking of the quality of the peer-reviewed journals and conferences in which Australian academics publish.  ACED was given the task of ranking engineering journals; the AAEE membership was pivotal in providing our committee with the information we needed to give ACED an informed case for ranking Engineering Education journals and conferences.


The final result saw engineering education journals included in the full list, with the recognition of their standard as being comparable to any other field of engineering research.  The full list of all 40,000+ journals can be downloaded from http://www.arc.gov.au/era/era_journal_list.htm; however as a service to our members we have trimmed the list to focus on the journals and conference that are relevant to engineering education.


The excel sheet below contains a list of the 44 journals and 11 conferences that are most applicable to the AAEE membership.  It is by no means an exhaustive list; however it is a much shorter list for you to find places in which you could, should, or may already have disseminated your work.

ERA2010 - AAEE Relevant entries.xls


A big thankyou must go to Elizabeth Godfrey, who as the 2009 president took on the responsibility of shepherding this process through.  Without her tireless work, many of our journals would not have this recognition, and without that recognition the credibility of our discipline is undermined.


Euan Lindsay - President AAEE. 



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