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Curriculum Information Systems Special Interest Group

Page history last edited by Tim Lever 14 years, 5 months ago

Curriculum Information Systems Special Interest Group


This page was created to facilitate exchange of material among designers and developers of curriculum information systems at different institutions. 


What is a Curriculum Information System?

The term is used to refer to database driven repositories of teaching program specifications (such as aims, learning outcomes, methods, assessment), designed to centrally integrate the production and communication of this information. 


Why this name?

These systems exist in various forms and under a range of different names without much in the way of common identity at this point. The term Curriculum Information System is borrowed from of the earliest documented systems, developed at Duke University School of Medicine in the early 1990s. If anyone can suggest, a better name they are very welcome to propose it. In the meantime, Curriculum Information Systems will be used for want of anything better.


Why this page?

First reason is a need for better chance to share ideas and experiences among system developers. Developing these systems is a very challenging task on all levels, from technical, pedagogical and organisational. Developers need all the help they can get. Second is lack of specific recognition for the role of these systems within the broader communities within which developers tend to be based, educational technology on the one hand and higher education curriculum on the other. On both sides, curriculum information management is more likely to be seen as small subsidiary branch of a larger and more powerful interest, than a significant issue in its own right.


Page Content

Content envisaged would in the first instance comprise material relating to planned or existing systems from the June 2009 curriculum mapping workshop at UTS. Material will be organised on an institution by institution basis. First batch of files will come from Sydney, with other universities to follow shortly.


Curriculum Information Systems at Sydney University 



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